Jacob John & Bible Fellowship of India

Bible Fellowship of India, in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, was started in the early 1960's when my dad, K C John along with three other missionaries came from South India went to this desert state to start the Christian work as pioneer missionaries. Facing oppositions, persecutions and violence from many quarters, these men of God continued in their endeavor to spread the gospel in this desert state of Rajasthan where Christianity was understood only to be a white man’s religion. The Lord honored all their efforts as they were faithful in their endeavors for the Lord. The Lord called me to be in the ministry, although it was not an easy decision for me. But the Lord who began the ministry here was with me every step of the way.

These are some of the projects that is going on in the ministry of Bible Fellowship of India:

There are 5 children’s homes in 5 different states of India where kids of the age group 5 - 12 are chosen from the needy strata of the society and housed and given education. The Children’s homes comprise of children who are taken off the streets, children whose parents are in prison, young girls who are taken from the background of prostitution and children are brought to the children’s home through the court system.

A Christian school named Fellowship Mission School from grades 1-10th grades (soon to upgrade to 12th grade) is currently functioning successfully in Jaipur.   Most students who attend the school are from Hindu backgrounds because their parents want their children to have a better education.  

In Jaipur, we have Maranatha Bible College, that equips students in the Word of God so that they can go forth and preach the gospel.   The students are encouraged to go back to their own states in villages for the missions.   There are 128 churches (home churches and actual churches) in various parts of India as a result of the graduate’s commitment to reach the lost. 

A project for the elderly is underway. Our hope is to provide housing for the elderly and give them that ray of hope which they had been missing all their life.) 

Zoar Baptist Church has been a regular and faithful supporter of this ministry for many years. We appreciate all your love, prayers and concerns on our behalf. Please do continue to lift us up in your prayers as we strive forth to serve our Master in this ripe harvest. Please be assured that there are brothers and sisters in India who remember you in their prayers. May you all shine more brightly for His glory.

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