Purpose & Mission:

To provide an avenue for service opportunities and to help perform tasks that members may not be able to do and to display our Christian faith for the Glory of God while serving others.


To support those within the family of God that have things to be done around their home, but do not have the physical abilities or the expertise to perform these tasks.

Criteria for Receiving Assistance:

  1. This initiative is to serve the widows, widowers, or homebound of the Zoar congregation. While this is the focused group, helping others is always considered.
  2. No rental properties.
  3. Release of liability forms will be required by all homeowners and workers. Workers are required to have their own health insurance.
  4. Any task that requires a city permit will not be addressed.
  5. Tasks will be assessed and prioritized, they will be scheduled to work beginning with safety items and as the expertise of the work crew and/or materials are available.

More Information

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Contact information:

If you have questions or want more information about Helping Hands, you may contact C.E. Smith, Zoar Men's Ministry.
Phone Number: 225-278-0474