Ministry Teams

Baptism Ministry Team

The Baptism Team assists the pastor in preparing for the Ordinance of Baptism by seeing that the candidates are properly instructed, dressed, and prepared for Baptism.

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Benevolence Ministry Team

The Benevolence team assist those in our church and community with financial needs. The Benevolence Team studies and evaluates the needs of financial applicants. They also recommend to the church individuals who qualify as "worthy...

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The Hostess Team prepares and oversees meals and other refreshments for events that includes the entire church membership.

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Homebound - In Home Ministry Team

The In-Home Ministry Team shall work to maintain a personal relationship between the church and members who are confined to their homes by arranging for other members to make weekly visits.

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The Ushers are a part of the Safety & Security Team. Ushers assist people with seating and special needs.

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