Brian & Heather Marx

Brian and Heather Marx are missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship serving in Indonesia as a pilot/mechanic family. Brian is the son of MAF missionaries who daily live out the Gospel and led him to salvation in Christ when he was five years old. During high school, Brian realized the great need for missionary pilots and felt God’s calling on his life.

Heather Olsen Marx was also raised by godly parents and trusted Christ at a young age. God has given Heather creative, artistic talent that she uses to impact her world for the Kingdom. Heather met Brian through mutual friends; they courted several years, then married in October 2007. Their son Ethan was born in Indonesia in 2010. Jayden and Elyse, twin boy and girl, joined the family during furlough in 2013.

Brian pilots and helps maintain a Cessna Grand Caravan which is constantly on the move to reach the remote people in the Nabire service area. As Nabire Base Manager, Brian also oversees a team of thirteen Indonesian employees and three expatriate families. Key ministries include evangelist training in the Northern Lowlands; church growth among the mountain tribes; and brand new efforts among the Weserau and Sudate tribes, recently discovered people groups in the “bird’s neck” of Papua.

Heather is an amazing ministry partner. She transformed their simple house into a day’s-end retreat. From this platform she hosts a regular stream of missionaries and pilots as they come and go from interior villages. Heather has introduced a character training program as an investment in the lives of the local MAF employees.  In her spare time, she continues her chalk art ministry, using her artistic ability to build up the local churches.

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